Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blowout on the Turnpike!

Last week we had an exciting thing happen on the way to work.  I heard a really loud pop, my truck jerked to the right and then a lot of really loud thud thud thuding as I made my way over to the shoulder.  The tread on my tire had decided to blow off, which caused some damage to the truck.  It was pretty scary but thankfully, there wasn't anyone hurt in the process!  So make sure that your tires are in good shape!  One thing I thought was funny was Wiley kept saying, "Momma's tire broke!  Momma's tire broke!"

Turtles and Snakes! Oh, My!

Wiley and Van went to a birthday party with "extreme" animals!  It was really cool and I think I had as much fun as they did.  Sorry the pictures aren't really clear, they were from my I-phone.
Wiley and Van with the big turtle.

Wiley with Banana the Snake!

Wiley and Banana
Van and I with Banana the snake!

Wiley goes to the dentist...well, really his momma the dental hygienist!

Wiley had his teeth cleaned for the first time and he did great!  He let me count his teeth, tickle his teeth and do fluoride!  He even let Dr. Cash check everything out!  No cavities!  I was so proud of my big boy!

DISCLAIMER:  I usually wear gloves and a mask while cleaning teeth...I figured since he is mine it doesn't matter if we share germs!
Waiting on Momma to get to cleaning!

Smelling the orange vanilla toothpaste!

Getting his teeth "tickled"!

The "after the cleaning, looks like mommy had the nitrous on my nose a little too long" picture!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

We snack in style!

Birthday suit plus diaper style!  It leaves less of a mess to clean up later!
Little cheerio boy!

OJ and fruit!
Wiley always asks for "more stwaberry and buberry peas!'

My little bruiser!

Van is now 9 months old.  Can someone please tell me how that happened?!  Anyhow, he is definately trying to walk now and I have actually witnessed him taking a step!  It's absolutely crazy!  Because of this crazy trying to walk business, he has tons of bumps, bruises and falls!  Poor little guy is always slamming his head on something and I promise it is NOT always Wiley's fault!

I'm pretty sure this is what I can expect my tupperware cabinet to look like for the next few months.

Mom, don't be mad!  I'm so cute when I make a mess!

Love this sweet boy!

No Hands!

This is what happens when you bonk your head on the coffee table! 
He is even cute when he crys!

Playing with Nonna!

Nonna, Justin's mom, came to visit the boys last week!  They always love to see her and they love playing with her.  She is a wonderful Nonna to our boys!
Wiley, Nonna and Van

Playing with puzzles!
Nonna and the boys!

I have a new nephew!

Eli Marshal Wedel
I have a new nephew!  Courtney and Ryan had their precious little boy on August 5, 2011.  He is so stinking cute...and he was huge!  He weighed in at 9 pounds 8 ounces!  He has red hair, long fingers and toes, and has a scream/cry to rival his momma!  I am definately in love with this little guy!  Wiley and Van love their new cousin "Baby E-yi"!

The almost new momma!

New Daddy and baby Eli!

Aunt Tiff and Eli

Cousin Kendal and Eli

Cousin Grant and Eli

Mommy and Eli

Aunt Les and Eli

Aunt Tiff and sweet Eli

Grant, Kendal, Eli, Van and Wiley

Wiley and Eli

Learning about Serving

Our Q-Group, which is our small group at church, recently did a small service project.  We all made some type of goodies and delivered them to a firestation near our church.  This was the first service project that Wiley has really been a part of so I wanted him to help me make the cookies that we gave to the firemen.  As we made the cookies, we talked about doing nice things for others, we talked about what firemen do to help keep us safe and we talked about how God likes us to do nice things and serve those around us.  It was a really fun project and I loved that it gave me an oppourtunity to talk to Wiley about service.  The firemen were also really great to the kids and we got a tour of the fire station after we gave them their goodies!
Wiley helping with the cookies!

Dipping them out!

He needed to taste test the batter!

The end product!

Giving the firemen their goodies and getting tatoos!

All tatted up!

The kids getting a look at the fire trucks.

Miley and Ryan getting a tour through the cab of the truck.

Wiley was the last kid out because he kept letting all the other kids out before him.  I would like to say that he was just being nice, but he really just didn't want to get out!

Aaron helping me out by holding Van.

Watching the fireman put on all his gear.

The kids getting an up close view and listening to the fireman breathe like Darth Vader.

Wiley in the fire hat!  He thought this was pretty cool!

All the kids with the fireman.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Zoo Trip Without The Animals

I took the boys to the zoo today and we did not see any animals except for the goats in the petting zoo.  It was great!  We played at the playground and then spent over in hour in the splash park! 
We started the day at the playground and fully clothed!

Just a' swingin'!

Wiley loves to go high!

The Brothers!

Going down the big slide!

The big dismount!

My little trouble maker!

Pushing the stroller!

Splash Park!  He loved it!

Wiley loves it too!

This was too funny...he asked me "where di it doh?" (Where did it go) and right at that moment he stepped off the sprayer...

and it shot right in his face!  He laughed and laughed!

Van was crawling all through the water!  I couldn't believe how much he liked it!

The boys!

We ended the day with dry diapers but no clothes!