Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mars Needs Moms

We took Wiley to see his first movie on saturday.  It was my nephew Grant's 6th birthday and we got to go see Mars Needs Moms 3D movie at the IMAX in Wichita!  Wiley stayed zoned in the entire movie and I think that he really liked it.  He didn't really wear the glasses for the movie so he was watching a blurry version, but he didn't seem to mind!

It may be time for a twin...

BED that is! Wiley has finally discovered how to get out of his crib!  Thankfully he reenacted the big event for the camera.  We have been lucky so far in that he has only climbed out while we are in the room.  I am just waiting for him to come find me in the middle of the night!
Hey Mom...guess what I can do??
Keep watching Mom!
Here I go!
Don't panic...I know what I'm doing!
Really...I've already done this once!
Monkey grip on the rails!
Almost there!

Finally! One of the boys taking after me!

The boys seem to be little carbon copies of Justin which means I have been feeling a little left out in thinking they weren't going to take after me AT ALL. Well, Van has decided to make me one happy momma! It may not be the coolest trait, but I can definitely say that Justin never did it! My little Van is trying to be a thumbsucker!!! Now for those who don't know, I thought this was the greatest thing ever and I am pretty sure that I did not stop until I went to kindergarten...and then it was only because of very strong parental pressure. My cousin Sara and I, would happily suck our thumbs, rub our noses and play for hours! I remember it being great! In fact, I would try this habit out again if I knew it wouldn't make my teeth go crazy! The hygienist in me is trying to discourage this really cute behavior, but the inherited trait may prove to be too strong!
Notice the paci RIGHT next to him!
What a sweetie!

Working out with Wiley

Now that I am over three months out from having Van, I have decided to get back in the groove of working out. I take a group training class with my good friend and personal trainer, Elizabeth. She is awesome...but I have a love/hate relationship with that girl! Anyway, the boys usually go to the kids club at the gym during my workouts, but lately Wiley has been having a hard time staying in there. He doesn't like it when I have to drop him off again just after I pick him up, so I try to have Justin get him during my class. Tuesday, Justin had to go to a work dinner so he brought Wiley to me during my class and Wiley got to "help" me work out. It was too funny! Elizabeth was able to capture all of the hilarity...let's just say I would be in much better shape if I always let Wiley help.