Friday, January 28, 2011

Somersaults and Shots!

Wiley is such a funny little boy.  Justin, Wiley, Van and I went out to eat tonight and we had the best time.  It was a long wait to be seated and because the weather was so nice we decided to wait outside.  Wiley was just in a great mood!  Laughing and playing and running all over the place.  I taught him how to whisper a secret in your ear and that provided many minutes of entertainment.  I also got to watch him eat an entire Outback serving of itself!  Why do kids do that...gross!  Anyway, when we got home he was in sleepy silly mode and was doing somersaults all over the floor.  I managed to get some action shots!

Van is such a happy baby and he is really starting to smile all of the time!  I am truly blessed.  He had his two month check up today and he got his first round of shots.  He screamed like a crazy man during and then immediately calmed down when I got to pick him back up.  He did great!  He is also growing like a little weed!  He went from the 25% to the 50% in both height and weight...always makes me feel better to know that they are growing the way they should be!  He is 12 1/2 pounds and 23 1/2 inches long.  Here are a few pics of my happy guy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Back To Work

Well...I'm am officially back to work at Dr. Cash's office.  I am in week two and it is going pretty well.  I got really spoiled getting to stay home with my boys during my maternity leave and that is making me miss them so much during the day.  Having said that, I feel so blessed to know that they are with people who love them and friends they love to play with.  It gives me alot of peace to know that they are well cared for when Justin and I are at work.
 Wiley has been doing really great at school...I hesitate to say it but he hasn't been biting and we haven't had any "incident" reports in a while!  I'm hoping that this new behavior trend lasts and that he continues to have good days at school.  With all of the changes recently (new baby brother, momma home and then back to work, some of his friends moving up to the next class) he has had alot to adjust to.  Wiley is getting so big and he is really starting to be sweet with Van.  There has definately been less random hitting and kicking and he is becoming more and more helpful.  It seems crazy, but I think it has helped that Van is at daycare with him now.  Van seems to be doing well at daycare also.  He had some trouble adjusting to taking a bottle and was not eating well last week, but thanks to a very patient daycare teacher he is doing much better.  At least I know he isn't going to starve when he isn't with me!  He is really starting to smile alot and he is a pretty happy baby.  I have been so blessed that both of my boys have been relatively easy babies.
I'll end with pictures of the boys.  You can decide if they look alike or not!:)
Van at about 10 weeks

Wiley at about 7 weeks

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wiley Turned 2!

Wow. I know people say this all the time...but I can't believe my baby turned two. His birthday was actually January 12th, but I'm not too fast at this blogging business yet! Justin and I both had the day off so we were able to spend an entire day with our sweet birthday boy. We took him to lunch at Chuck E. Cheese and he had a blast! Somehow he and Justin managed to spend 75 tokens on random kid rides. I think Justin played some of the "big kid" games also because we did manage to get a whopping 261 tickets to spend on really cool prizes! Wiley and I tried to play skee ball but I discovered that isn't a good idea with a 2 year old who doesn't understand how to "roll" the ball up the ramp!  We also had Wiley's family birthday party on saturday.  It was Mickey Mouse and he had a blast with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
Things I want to remember about Wiley right now: he loves to sit with me and read a million books-favorites are Ten Apples Up On Top, Where The Wild Things Are, Go Dog Go, The Foot Book, and so many more, he loves to pretend laugh, he is starting to say a lot of favorite is when he says "nuck nuck" when he is trying to say "yucky", he is trying to potty train (his idea not mine), he loves to shoot at the ducks and deer in our house and yells boom at the deer as we walk by it on our way to bed, he is very much into kissing everything right now, he has a crazy fascination with belly buttons (this may have been caused during my pregnancy with Van), he still loves his paci, when he is really tired he wants to sit in my lap and play with my hair...if he can't reach mine he will play with his hair, he loves to try everything by himself. I'm sure I'm forgetting some cute stuff but I can't write everything down!

Daddy and Wiley

Mommy and Wiley...the best I could get!

The Chuck E. Cheese Loot!

Super Awesome New Gun

Mommy, Wiley and Daddy


The Cousins...Wiley, Kendal and Grant

The Aftermath...Poor Mickey!

The Baby Grand!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My One Word

I was listening to k-love the other morning and they were talking about their word for the year. Instead of resolutions, they were choosing one word that would be their "theme."  Now, I'm not a resolution person because I can't keep them and it frustrates me. So the idea of choosing one word that would be my theme through the year sounded kind of cool. It was a little more difficult than I imagined to pick one word, but I did finally come up with the one word that I know will benefit and challenge me.


This is my word. Communication is something that I sometimes fail at so I am challenging myself to become better at it. I am going to try to communicate better with my husband, my children, my family and friends. I often keep thoughts that I should share to myself. I often don't open myself up to friendships. I often let frustration and anger build because I don't share my emotions. I often don't pray and communicate with the Father because I want to run things my way. There are so many areas of my life that could improve if I open myself up to honest communication.

There it is.  My one word.  I pray that I will allow this word to create big and positive changes in my life.

My Family

So I guess to be a blogger, I should let you know a little about me and my family.  I am married to my lifelong sweetheart Justin.  We are from a small Oklahoma town and are currently living in the big city!  I'm a wife, mom and dental hygienist.  I love spending time with my family, reading, hunting, fishing, taking pictures and just trying to keep up with life.  My hubby is an anesthesiologist...almost out of residency!  We have two little boys...Wiley is almost 2 and Van is 7 weeks.  We love these little guys alot and they definately keep us on our toes!   

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's Too Late!

Well...this is it! I am going to try my hand at this blogging business. I'm not really sure why except I enjoy reading other blogs; there is humor, honesty, sadness, dreaming, sharing, questioning and praising. I like the idea of giving my kids a lasting memory of our life. Hopefully I can keep it real!