Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Lovies on Valentine's Day

Ok...I know this is a week late, but I was a single momma last week while Justin was out of town.  He was in Vail for a "conference" and ski week and I was home with the boys.  So...Valentine's Day...it was definately something!  The boys slept in a little later than usual so I was rushing to get them out the door, but Wiley saw his Valentine on the table and wanted to open it then and there.  So of course I took a couple of pictures.

Wiley finding his Mickey Mouse puzzle and candy!

Wiley trying to eat through the box of chocolates!

The boys had a great day at school.  They got to make valentine bags, pass out their valentines, have a party and eat lots of candy...at least Wiley got to eat lots of candy.  Van kindly shared his candy with me!  This is where the evening gets a little dicey!  There was about 30 minutes of non-stop crying from BOTH boys!  I have a video, but I'm not sure how to get it on here!

Van was mad because I ate ALL his candy!

Wiley was mad because of the following: 1) I didn't let him open the mailbox.  2) I didn't let him pour Van's extra milk into the other bottle.  3) I didn't let him have candy for dinner.  4) I was taking his picture as he was throwing this tantrum!

The night did get better!  We got to talk to Daddy and I was finally able to take a picture of all of Wiley's goodies.  I even got a sweet picture of my newest little Valentine.  All I can say is that I hope Daddy is at home with us for next year!

Wiley with his Valentine bag, puzzle, candy and Van's car rattles!

Showing off the Valentine goodies!

My littlest Valentine!

Van with this Valentine goodie bag...such sweet handprints!

Wiley's Valentine to Justin and I.  He made this at school.

Van's Valentine to Justin and I.  He made this at school.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend in Wichita

The boys and I got to spend the weekend in Wichita visiting family.  My older sister Leslie and her family live there.  We had a great time and it was really fun to see the cousins playing together.  My niece Kendal and my nephew Grant are awesome kids and they play so well with the boys.  I wish that we lived closer so that we could see them more often and Kendal could babysit!

Grant, Wiley, Van and Kendal
A good picture of 4 kids is hard to take!

Grant and Wiley
They are sledding in the park behind the house!

Wiley, Kendal and Grant
We were trying to get them to make snow angels.  Wiley didn't get it and he only wanted to lay right by Kendal!

My big sister Leslie and me.

Leslie, Kendal and Grant

Wiley and I
I was making my niece Kendal pull us on the sled.  I am pretty sure she called me fat!

Wiley playing in a slide at the park.
Van and Kendal
Van LOVES Kendal!  She is so great with him!

Mommy and Van
I love this little guy.  So happy!

Kendal, Grant, Wiley and Izzy the Bearded Dragon
Wiley was pretty nervous about Izzy.  He DID NOT want to touch her.  It took a little while but he finally decided it was ok to pet her and then...

He decided that he could hold her.  So thankful that she didn't climb up his chest like she did to Grant.

This is the first time that I have ever held Izzy and it was a little wierd.  She is soft and prickly all at the same time!

Kendal, Van, Wiley and Grant
Their true personalities shining through!

Love these kiddos!

Snow Day in Pictures!

We have had really crazy weather the last couple of weeks and we have had several snow days.  Here are some pictures of our day.
Van taking a morning nap.

Wiley stacking....

...and unstacking his cool stackable crayons!

Middle of the day bath!

Wiley "helping" with this middle of the day bath.

Crazy hair in the bath.

Working on some puzzles.

Chopping up some food.

Big Smiles!

Just playing.

First bloody nose.  I have to admit that I may have played a role in this bloody nose.  We were playing chase around the house and he fell face first on the kitchen floor.
And yes..I took this while he was sitting on the potty because it was the only time he would sit still!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Van's MRCC Baby Dedication

Van's baby dedication was at church last Sunday. There were 47 new babies born at Memorial Road last year and so many of them from our bible class! Wow! I love that Van is going to have so many friends that are kiddos of our friends.
My parents and Justin's mom were able to come and join us for the dedication. It was a wonderful service and fun to see the slide show of the babies and their families! I love that our church takes the time to pray over our children, asking God to bless and watch over them. It is great to know that we have our church family to help support us as we raise our boys to be Christian men.  Here is a family picture from the evening and then some cute pictures of Van in honor of his special night!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The High and the Low of it...

...the weather that is!  Our weather over the last week has been absolutely crazy!  Last saturday, I took the boys to the zoo because it was 75 degrees.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Beginning on monday, we have had snow and the temperature has been in the teens nearly all week.  Aside from the freezing cold, it has been beautiful!  We have had a wonderful week...a little bit of cabin fever, but alot of great memories!  Here is our week in pictures!
Wiley and the Gorilla

Wiley looking at the deer...just before he fell out of the stroller!

Why yes...I like giraffes!

Arts and Crafts during the blizzard

I am a messy artist!

Sweet Boys!

Matching jammies!

About to play in the snow!

Wiley, Van and Mommy...this was the really cold day and Van was not happy!

Why yes...we are a little scared of the camera!

My sweet baby...love this boy and his mischievious grin!

Playing in the snow!  He liked it much better today because it wasn't so cold.

Throwing snowballs

They were about to attack me!

Sliding down the snow fort that we built!
Trying to make a snowball

Walking in the snow is hard!

My honey!