Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 The Boys got to dress up in their costumes alot this year!  We went to Haunt the Zoo, Trunk or Treat at church, Trick or Treat at daycare and Dr. Duncan's house halloween night!  It was crazy, but fun!  There is entirely too much candy at my house right now and as you all know, I have no self-control when it comes to candy!  Hopefully I can talk myself into throwing it away soon!  Here are some pictures of my little guys all dressed up!
Spiderman and Superman at Haunt the Zoo!

It was a little cold and rainy!

Van was fasincated by this little guy behind him!

Wiley by the creepy little statue guy!

My little super heroes!

I love their faces here!

Van and the Gorilla!
Wiley was very cautious about this gorilla..he did not want to get too close!  I had to make him sit on it's lap...and for the record, he didn't cry.
Justin catching me eating the boy's candy!  It was yummy!

Blackpowder Season 2011

Finally a post that lives up to my title!  Deer Season has arrived which means fun, family, sunrises, sunsets, cold mornings, and hopefully a big buck!  Blackpowder season comes first and several of my family took really nice deer.  I had a great time hunting with my family.
Wiley eating a smore the night before the season opens.

Van enjoying his marshmellow.

A couple of doe deer that I saw opening morning.

My sweet and fun niece Kendal.

My Big Sister Leslie and nephew Grant.

My view from stand.

Beautiful.  God is good!

Pretty Sunset.

Kendal and her buck!  She made a great shot...pretty sure this is a wall hanger!  So proud of her!

My hubby Justin and my brothers Jason and Ryan

My dad and his buck.

Justin and his buck!  This one is going on the wall!  So proud of him!

Justin and I with his deer.

Grant with his armadillo!

Wiley went with us to Land's End one morning.  He had a blast!

Our Family!

Jammies At Grammy's

Enjoying some early morning fun at Grammy and Grandad's house!
Staying warm by the fire pit!

Running from the dogs!

Sadie must really love him!

Hi Mom!

Mom!  Come get me...I'm done with my breakfast!

Playing with Anne the dog!

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall From The Gulledges!

My Little Pumpkins!

These pictures were taken at a pumpkin patch not too far from the boy's daycare.  They had a blast playing on the tractor, picking out pumpkins and taking a hayride!  I had fun with them too and got a couple of good pictures!
Wiley driving the John Deere!

Van not too sure about the brotherly love!

Wiley wanted to bring this one home!

Showing me how strong he is by picking up the pumpkins!


The Hayride!

Caught Wiley midsentence...but I love this picture!

They were both laughing here...Love my boys!

The BEST picture.  My boys are so handsome!

Just hanging out!
I think he was eating the hay here!

He may or may not have been picking his nose in this picture!

My baby deep in should I carve this pumpkin later???

Just hanging out!

Me and my little guys!