Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I am a mom.  I'm happy, sad, grouchy, frustrated, loved, joyful, thankful, a giver, a taker, a yeller, a calm voice.....so many things...but above all, I am BLESSED to be a mom to two of the sweetest, stinkiest, crazy, LOUD, fun, whiney, lovey boys I know.  I pray daily that I will be a good and Godly example to them.

Zoo Trip!

After the fun day in Elgin eating crawdads, we went to the zoo to pet an elephant!  I'm pretty sure this makes me the best Aunt ever!
Wiley and Grant...sweet cousins!
You can also see Kendal with her Uncle Justin!

Wiley, Grant, Van and Kendal....waiting to go see the Elephants!

The Elephants at the OKC Zoo!

Nick giving one of the girls a bath.

Well...I tried to get them all looking while the elephant was doing something cool!

Can you see her foot up on the rail???  Pretty cool!

Kendal giving the Elephant a pet!

Grants turn!

Wiley and Daddy!

The whole crew!

Crawd-N-Rods 2012

We went to Elgin way back in May to go to Crawds-N-Rods.  It is the annual fund raiser for the Elgin Fire Department.  There is a crawdad broil, a car show and they also have a carnival.   It is always a fun time and this year we took along my parents, my niece and nephew.  Here are a few of the fun memories that we had!
Kendal and Grant on the Merry Go Round

Van on the only ride he could go on...bless his short little self!

Grant, Wiley and Kendal on the spin till your sick ride!

Me, Grant and Wiley on another spinning ride!  Wiley loved them!

Van sad that he couldn't go on the big rides!

Wiley and his crawdad

Kendal Ann



Notice the kids did not eat the crawdads!  They weren't too sure about them!

Just eating a few crawdads!  

Yummy and Spicey!

Grammy and Wiley

My sweet niece Kendal

Carnival rides with my niece!

Justin judging the burnout competition.