Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oklahoma State Fair 2011

We took the boys to the Oklahoma State Fair two times over the past week.  Yes...we are trying to make them love the expensive games, dangerous rides, and yummy unhealthy food as much as we do!  Wiley was big enough this year to get to ride on the rides, which he loved! Van enjoyed just hanging out with the family.

You can finally see Van's new teeth in this picture!

The little dude finally crashed out for a nap!

Wiley's first roller coaster...he is in the second car on the inside!

He fell asleep before we even left the parking lot!  Too much fun!

Riding a Camel

Wiley loved feeding the goats!

Van really really really wanted to grab this goat!

Wiley playing the duck game.  He actually picked a winning duck!  He chose a stuffed bear as his prize.

The winning duck is on the left!

Justin playing the "knock the blocks off the table" game.  He won...after a few tries!

The monkey Justin won for the boys!

Wiley also won an OSU pillow for winning this game.  He had to throw the ping pong ball into the little bowl and he actually threw it into one of the bowls where you can pick a bigger prize!  Justin was a little embarrassed that Wiley won two games and he only won one!

Having fun with Wiley

Stick out your tongue face!

Surprise face!

Pouty face!

The best I could get of a smile face!  I love this little boy...he makes my heart sing!

The pictures went downhill from just ok...

We tried to get a really cute picture of the boys while they dressed up for the wedding...I'm pretty sure that there were some threats, yelling and alot of frustration!  We will definately be using a photographer for our next round of pictures!
It started out pretty good...I should have stopped right here!

A little hugging action...

What???  I can't hear want me to smile??!!

I just love Van sooo much that I need to hug him again...

Stop touching me!!!

Wiley...I like singing The Fishy Song while you take my picture.
Van...I am soooo over this photo shoot!

Can I grab your head Van?

Nothing like a choke hold to bring out a smile!

Mom...these pictures are just becoming painful...can't you see the pain on my face??

Wedding Weekend in Kansas City

Justin's cousin Joe and his fiance Megan were married in Kansas City and we were able to make it up to Missouri for the wedding.  The ceremony was beautiful and it was fun to be able to spend some time with Justin's side of the family.
Wiley and Van in front of the fountain at the Plaza

Our Family


Wiley got his picture taken with the Chief's Dancer Girl...she signed a poster but she thought he said his name was Riley!

Our yummy lunch at Blue Koi

Hanging out in the hot tub...don't worry the boys weren't in there long.

Nonna with Wiley and Van

Daddy, Mommy, Wiley and Van

Justin, Cousin Sal and Uncle Tyler

Wiley, Uncle Tyler, Van and Aunt Audrey

Megan and Joe

Tyler and Elena

Justin and Elena

Nonna and Wiley

Van and Nonna

Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh boys!

If he ever gets the dirt off he is gonna be a heartbreaker!

You know you are having fun when your pull-up is causing your crack to show!

Such a messy sweet face!

Cute little booty!

Trying to figure out how to ride his brother's bike.

His first "peeing" experience in the back yard!