Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Littlest Sweetheart!

My Absolutely New Favorite Picture of Van Van!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little boy!

Justin's 32nd Birthday...Date Night!

For Justin's 32nd birthday (in december), I got him tickets to the Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker and Thompson Square Concert.  We had a great time and my mom came up and watched the boys so we even got to sleep in the next day!  We went up to Tulsa early, did some shopping, ate a really yummy dinner, went to the awesome concert and slept in!  It was a great date night!  I'm so glad Justin had a birthday so we could enjoy a night out.
Our view from The Mayo Hotel...we were able to walk to the BOK Center.

My hubby and I!

The pretty decor in the hotel.

Beautiful Staircase!

Loved the Chandelier!

The Mayo!

The parking area.
Getting ready!
Part of our dinner at The Polo Grill...I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture of my really yummy steak...and our really yummy dessert!
Shortbread Cookies and Chocolate Truffles...compliments of the chef!   
These two ladies signed the entire concert for about 5 deaf people sitting near us.  It was so cool to watch!
My honey and I!
Lady Antebellum!

Newest Installment of Wiley's Sleeping Styles...

Sleeping like the dead...just like his momma!
Where is Wiley??
I think he has way too many pillows, stuffed animals and blankets!  

Mustache Anyone??

He is very mature for his age!
Wiley looking tough!
Van with a little facial hair!

Our Family Celebration at Chuck E Cheese

Here are the pictures of Wiley's Birthday Celebration at Chuck E. Cheese with just our family.
The mickey mouse cookies that I made for Wiley's  school party.

The "Star Wars" ship Justin let him pick out at toys r us.  He COULD NOT WAIT to call Grant to tell him that he got a cool ship like his cousin! 

Van riding the Chuck E Cheese car.

Wiley driving some type of game.

Showing off his tickets....

and some more tickets....

Can everyone tell Daddy went a tiny bit overboard on tokens?

Picking out his prizes from the prize counter!

Wiley's Turned The Big 3!

My Wiley Boy turned 3 years old on January 12th!  It is slightly weird to think that I have been a mommy for that long...time really does fly once you have babies!  He had a wonderful birthday party.  At first he wanted an "orange" party...then is was a Donald Duck and orange party...then is was Donald Duck, Pluto, Mickey Mouse and Minnie party....and on and on.  So we went with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party...for the second year in a row.  It was really fun.  He loved the balloons, the cake, the candles, the presents and all of our family that celebrated with us.   It was pretty funny when Justin asked Wiley who gave him the first present that he opened and he responded with "Santa!"  We had a little explaining to do after that!

Wiley with his "3" balloon!

Wiley and Aunt Leslie

Kendal and Baby Eli

Wiley eating his pizza lunch

Waiting for his Mickey Mouse cake.

Here it comes....

I think he likes it...

about to sing Happy Birthday...

Blowing out the candles...

My 2nd Mickey Mouse skills have improved immensely if you look at last years cake!

Daddy, Wiley and Mommy

Somehow we are missing Van.

Opening presents!

Scooter...a.k.a. trip to the ER!:)

Fishing Pole!

Dump Truck

He was so stinking excited about his Mickey Mouse pez very funny!

I think he likes candy like his momma!

Love the look!

Still happy about the candy!

Trampoline from Momma and Daddy

Trampoline...a.k.a.  future ER visit #2.

PiƱata Time!

Big Hit!

Grant taking a swing!

Van was the big hitter!

Kendal broke it!

Justin, Wiley, Nonnie, Grandma Anna

Uncle Jason with Eli and Van

Grant and Wiley watching his new Tom and Jerry movie.

Wiley and Van