Saturday, July 30, 2011

A boy with a broken bananna...

Wiley is one of those kids that likes things a certain way and freaks out completely if it is not exactly as he wants it.  For example, he does NOT like for his food to be "broken".  Meaning that a ceral bar must stay intact during consumption, a bananna can not be split in half to be shared and most certainly do not cut his apples up into slices!  If this happens, he pretty much won't eat the "broken" food.  He is slightly ocd in this respect...and in all honestly, he gets the ocd stuff from me. is the bananna story.

He had asked for help peeling the helping, I accidentally peeled off one side of the peel completely.  I temporarily forgot how traumatic this was for him now that he likes to "I do it myself" all the time.  So picture Wiley with a partially peeled bananna in one hand and a part of the peel in the other.  This is when the complete meltdown began.  I tried to make it better by actually taping the peel back on in hopes that this would calm the tears, but alas that did not work.  It was a little sad because he kept asking me to put the peel back on the bananna, which obviously was not going to work.  So I ignored him until he got so out of control that I started taking pictures so I could show his future wife.

And then something happened that was even worse than the peel being off the actually broke.

This caused a whole new level of crying!

He actually stomped his feet he was so mad about this bananna problem!
The end of the story is that he did not eat the bananna and did not get another snack.   It was a sad, sad day.

A big boy bed update!

We continue to work on sleeping techniques with Wiley...
Too tired to get all the way back up!

Still working on direction!

Slippin' and Slidin'

Just a little good ole' fashioned fun on the slip-in-slide and in the pool! 
Filling up the pool that the dogs playing in more that the boys!
Daddy, Wiley, Grant, Van and Mommy

Wiley racing Mommy

Kendal practicing her softball slide!

Grant sliding away!

Wiley and Grant about to get started

4th of July Weekend in Wichita!

We went to Wichita this year for the 4th of July for 2 reasons.
1) This is the first 4th of July we have been able to celebrate with my family  in about 5 years, because of Justin's job and because my family is usually in Colorado.
2) Wichita was not under a burn ban and we LOVE fireworks!
We had such a great time.  We spent 2 nights in a row shooting awesome fireworks, we cooked out one night, went swimming and just had a great time visiting with family.  This was also the weekend that Van really started trying to crawl...he successfully completed that task a couple of weeks later at 7months and 3weeks!  Lord help me now!:)  Here are the pictures of our fun weekend!

Van chillin' poolside!

I guess Wiley was thirsty!

Aunt Les and Van...such a sweet smile and laugh!

Van's first time in a big pool.

Van, Grant and Kendal

Mommy and Wiley

Mommy and Van

Mommy and Van

Daddy and Wiley...the first night of fireworks!

Mommy and Wiley...he was ready to just get started!

He loved popping those streamer things!

Daddy and Wiley shooting a roman candle.

The parachute...

Wiley actually caught one...with the help of Uncle Jason.

Kendal, Uncle Jason, Wiley and Grant...waiting on a parachute!

Wiley, Grant, Daddy, Kendal...about to set off the tractor.

Mommy and Wiley...holding the BIG sparkler!

Mommy and Wiley...making a snake village.

Justin and I

Mommy and Van with a sparkler.

Van, Mommy and Wiley

Grammy, Van and Grandad...Van was sooo sleepy here!

Van working on the crawling.

Uncle Jason letting Van hang out!  Van though this was hilarious!

Daddy and Wiley

I think he liked it!

Wiley flying high!

Daddy and Van

Wiley worn out from such a fun weekend!

Van worn out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Time has Come, The Time is Now...

...For Justin to begin his "big boy" job!  HE IS DONE WITH RESIDENCY!  We are so happy to have this milestone behind us and we are so excited for Justin to start his new job at Mercy.  The last four years, as an anesthesiology resident at the OUHSC, have been challenging, but good.  We have made wonderful friends and Justin has learned so much.  I am very confident that he will be great at what he does.  His residency graduation was the last weekend in June and it was a very nice ceremony.  Justin was recognized for being Co-Chief and he was also awarded the John L. Plewes Award.  This award is voted on by the attending doctors in the program and is a very big honor.  I am so proud of him for all of his hard work! 
Justin and I
Justin and his mom, Elena

Elena, Justin and I

My Parents, Larry and Pam and Justin and I

Justin giving his farewell speech.

Tyler, Justin and Clayton

Tyler, Justin and Audrey

Justin and  his Aunt Susan

Justin, Ben Pitman and Harper Ward

Justin's resident class with the program directors.

Justin's Class
Corbin Harline, Harper Ward, Alain Le, Marte Martinez, Justin Gulledge, Sharon Darrow, Kristen Mantel, and Jennifer Bradford