Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter with our boys.  It was a little unusual because we didn't spend it with any of our extended family, but we still had a great day.  We dyed some easter eggs, hunted some easter eggs, and talked about Our Savior, who we were truly celebrating that day!


Van spilled the dye within about 45 seconds of starting!

The cleanup towel.  There were lots of spills.

Van thought eating the eggs was more fun that coloring them.

Wiley with his masterpiece.
Their Easter Baskets.  They each got bible books, bubbles, candy, drawing/coloring toys and some other odds and ends.  

The egg hunting stopped as soon as he figured out their was candy inside.

My little hunter.


My favorite!

And we're done!

Bubble blowing with a little marshmallow from the rice krispie treats!

He was so proud of each egg he found!

The prize egg with some money or monies as Wiley likes to call it!

Digging in my flowers!

Checking out his loot!

Real Men...

Eat Wings.

And style their hair in the bathtub!

Gunnison/Crested Butte Vacation February 2010-Part 3

The End.
Wiley super sad about leaving Colorado!

Van also super sad...even though he is smiling!

The progression of coldness as we were leaving Gunnison.

It was a really chilly morning!

Pretty trees going over Monarch pass.

The temperature when we got into Oklahoma!  Quite the change for one day!

The crazy parents after 11 1/2 hours in the car with two crazy kiddos!